Rent Sailboat in Ibiza for 10 people

The Bavaria Cruiser 47 is an excellent sailboat that left the shipyard in 2015, has a length of 14.75 meters, a mage of 4.45 meters and a draft of 1.86 meters, is available to rent a boat in Ibiza .

It has three cabins and two bathrooms, for a maximum capacity of eight sailors. It is equipped with Lazy Bag sails, which makes it much easier to maneuver. It has a beautiful presence that will make the stay in it pleasant and unforgettable.

Bavaria Cruiser 47

Characteristics of the Bavaria Cruiser 47 to rent Ibiza

It is a sail arch of approximately twelve meters, has three cabins and two bathrooms for a maximum capacity of eight people. It is equipped with two tanks one of fresh water with capacity for 360 liters and the fuel with a capacity of 210 liters. With an engine it has 55 horsepower.

Bavaria Cruiser 47 equipment whose rent is in Ibiza

It is a boat that has all the necessary amenities to feel at home and enjoy an unforgettable vacation, is equipped with the following:

GPS chart plotter, swim ladder, cockpit table, bed linen, kitchen equipment, diving equipment consisting of goggles, tube, fins among others, fishing equipment, safety equipment for the crew, electric refrigerator, Swim platform, Log, Geschwindikgeitsmesser, CD player, electric windlass, bimini, bow thruster, cockpit shower, sunroof, steering wheel and outboard motor, Rolling genoa, autopilot, echo sounder.

Requirements for the rental of the Bavaria Cruiser 41 in Ibiza

You must meet a series of requirements to enjoy this wonderful boat:


You must have a credit card.

Be at least 18 years of age.

The boat requires a pattern. If you want to rent without the owner, you must submit your own navigation title.

The rent is only for the ride.

For the rental of the boat you must deposit a deposit which can be deposited at the time of check-in.

Conditions to rent a boat in Ibiza

The base port, household goods and insurance are included in the rental price.

It is not mandatory that the boat spend the nights at the base port.

If weather conditions are not appropriate for navigation, no changes of days will be offered, nor will returns be made.

The reservation can be made quickly, safely and conveniently online.

It is delivered fully equipped.

Mooring in other ports, fuel, or additional water is not included.

The final cleaning has an extra cost.

Nautical bow tips

A nautical forehead is a piece that allows anchoring cat whiskers (with two anchors). It is usually metallic and is used to guide the anchor chain during anchoring maneuvers. Anchorage is the act of releasing anchor and filar chain of a ship until they reach the bottom of the sea, so that it is immobilized and is safe. The anchoring system, by means of the elements that compose it, such as anchors, chains or ropes, anchor buoy, etc. It is responsible for keeping the boat in the chosen place to anchor while being secured against winds and currents. An anchored ship is a ship that stays in a certain place secured to the bottom.

Nautical bow anchor for anchoring
There are several types of bow tips and several models of bow tips for anchoring, its material is made of stainless steel and its measurements can vary according to the size and length of the sailboat for those who go to install.

At the time of obtaining a fore toe, you must take into account the unlike concerns that owners of any type of boat have.

The main concern in the choice of a good toe cap, whether a fixed toe or a tip toe, is the search for one that fits perfectly to the type of anchor whether force, bruce, delta, danforth, etc. What do you have so that it is always perfectly fixed? Always with different fastening systems to the deck of your boat.

Another concern, is the throwing distance that your toe has, it must be enough so that at the time of removing the anchor, pick it up or having it up does not hit the helmet, very important aspect if we want to avoid damage.

A common concern when hoisting or lowering the anchor, is that the chain leaves the sheave, if this usually happens, you have to choose a sheave that has a pin preferably made of stainless steel.

The tragacabos are essential, the chain or rope of your anchor will always be collected inside your deck and you will avoid at all times, that they get hooked with any other element of your deck or knots occur in your anchoring line.

If the wheel of your toe cap is in bad condition you have to replace it with a good quality one so that your anchor does not break.